The Love Field Modernization Program (LFMP) will renovate and expand Love Field - creating a cohesive, modern facility that will serve the needs of Dallas citizens and travelers for many years to come. The LFMP renovations include a new centralized concourse with 20 gates, a remodeled lobby, expanded baggage claim area and a new ticketing wing.

Installation Of Major Public Focal Artwork Begins At Dallas Love Field Main Terminal

The large wall in the newly expanded lobby of Terminal 2 at Dallas Love Field, which measures 64 feet long and 18 feet tall, will soon be the location of a new mosaic mural by Texas artist Dixie Friend Gay.

The artist and her installation team will be in Dallas Feb. 8 through March 15 to install the brilliantly colored landscape depicting a colorful Dallas sunrise above Texas plant life and wildflowers that, from a distance, appears to be a near-photographic representation until viewed up close, where the surface of a half million hand-cut, hand-painted jewel-like tiles becomes apparent.

The smalti (Brazilian glass) and hand-glazed ceramic tile will serve as a major focal point in the new lobby while also being the largest commissioned piece currently planned under the Love Field Modernization Program’s (LFMP) Art Program.

The artist’s artwork, along with 10 additional new artworks planned at Love Field as a part of the Love Field Public Art Program, was commissioned through the efforts of members of the community, the Department of Aviation, Southwest Airlines and the City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs.

“This work will have a significant visual impact for the lobby space and is the result of a wonderful partnership between the City of Dallas, Southwest Airlines and the many volunteer citizens who served on panels to review and select this work,” said Kay Kallos, City of Dallas Public Art Manager.

The artwork at Dallas Love Field will showcase the vibrant culture of Dallas, contribute to the positive experience of the 7 million passengers that pass through the airport annually, and enhance the identity of Dallas Love Field.