Express Pick-Up Replaces Cell Phone Lot at Dallas Love Field Airport

DALLAS – On Saturday, March 11, the cell phone lot at Dallas Love Field Airport will close and be replaced by Express Pick-Up. The Express Pick-Up will be located on the first level of Parking Garage A and will allow for quick access for those picking up travelers.

Identifiable signage will direct drivers to the Express Pick-Up location in Garage A. Express Pick-Up will include 60 parking spaces and will allow for up to two hours of parking, and the first hour will be free. Parking spaces will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Those utilizing Express Pick-Up will be able to leave their vehicle and walk into the Airport.

The new Express Pick-Up is expected to enhance the airport experience for those picking up travelers, as well as minimize traffic at the Terminal along Herb Kelleher Way.

The closing of the cell phone lot and opening of Express Pick-Up is part of the ongoing Love Field Modernization Program (LFMP), which works to create a cohesive and modern facility to serve the needs of Dallas travelers for many years to come. To date, LFMP has included the opening of a new centralized concourse with 20 gates, a remodeled lobby, expanded baggage claim and a new ticketing/check-in hall. LFMP continues with the design and construction of Parking Garage C, slated to open in 2018.